Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How I would run the offense ...

Stafford is inaccurate this year. He has looked bad on several throws. However his receivers, including CJ, have been ball dropping machines in the first six games. What is so different?

Last year we had no run game, instead we had a very short passing game. With Best it was fantastic. With Kevin Smith it was pretty good. For some reason this year, we are trying to force the ball everywhere instead of just using the short stuff to the backs and TE's. Get Stafford into rythm early with some cheapo completions, draw in the LB's and Safties that way.

This teams has the weapons for this style of game. Scheffler, Pettigrew, KSmith and now Broyles. Even Leshoure and Bell can be effective used this way. I think that Young, who has more speed than Burleson, will also be a better complement to CJ. Just send him deep every other play - tax the defense that way. Clear out space underneath like the Patriots do for Welker. 

As for CJ, just do what he and Stafford do best. Keep going deep. Do it with criss crossing patters, do it by going trips left or right. Who cares? Just keep taking those shots and make sure you put the ball high where only he can get it. Teams fearing the deep ball will surrender the short stuff. But for it to work, CJ and Young need to keep pushing the corners deep.

The wild card here of course is Stafford. He has to hit the short stuff. However, now that the margin for error is zero - I think we will see a different guy.

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