Friday, November 2, 2012

A Win and Mike Thomas

That was a great weekend and the so far its been a good week. Loved that win against the mouthy Seahawks. Stafford looked like Stafford. Broyles emerged and Young woke up big time. I wasn't too impressed by that start though. It seemed like the Lions were asleep. 

As for Mike Thomas, I wish he had not cost a fifth rounder but let's face it, with the loss of Burleson and Best, this offense needed a little something. Thomas can provide that little extra spark.  

I hope that they use Thomas as a CFL like slot back or how Minny uses Harvin. Line him up in the backfield or move him around all the WR spots.  

To me this was a pick up to replace Best, not Logan. Another really fast, difficult to cover 1 on 1 guy that forces the defense to go man on CJ. 

As for CJ, I think it is just a mid-season slump coupled with a sore knee. He'll be back, he is too good not to.



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