Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stafford, CJ stink on Monday Night

The Lions lost a close one 13-7, but this was really much worse than that. This was a deflating defeat on prime time.

Calvin Johnson, our best player, did not show up yesterday. Yes Tillman played great, but on our first series, he was open by a huge margin, the Bears D was totally fooled, Stafford hit him in the hands and CJ dropped it. Funny to say, but I think that deflated the offense right off the bat. The rest of the game CJ could not beat coverage and Stafford looked lost for most of the first half.

Suh and the defense did show up. To be quite honest, I wasn't all that impressed with the Chicago offense. If the Lions had played better in the Red Zone or at least gotten three field goals from Hanson instead of three turnovers, they would have won this game.

But this team is just not ready for prime time. It really does not know how to win and sadly its best two players cannot seem to lead them to victory on a regular basis. They need help. They need someone to show them how to win slugfests like this. I don't think that person is on the roster.

On the positive side, Broyles looked pretty sure handed out there and Titus Young looked like he was finally beating coverage.

On the negative side you have to list the loss of Burleson and the missed blocks by Sims, Peterman and Backus that always seem to occur at the worst possible time. Not to mention Backus had another false start.

On the mystery side of things, how the heck does Kevin Smith not get back in the lineup? This team needs to exploit the middle of the field and Smith excels at that. Leshoure and Bell don't seem to offer the same options to Stafford.

Lastly, I can't understand the criticism of the coaches. No OC can succeed when his QB is playing as poorly as Stafford and his elite WR drops easy passes. What can Cunningham do better than he did yesterday? As for Schwartz, he needs to be a bit more of a cutthroat coach. He should start with Logan - who had a brutal performance. Mind you, with the loss of Burleson, Logan is probably safe. Sucks.

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