Monday, October 1, 2012

Not filling those gaping holes really hurts

I have written this a few time before, but the team had two gaping hole's entering the 2012 season: defensive backs & running backs. With Delmas out, only Houston is an NFL starting calibre DB. With Best concussed, the team had no ground game or secondary weapon that scares offenses. By not addressing those holes, they effectively neutralized their best elements.

Stafford-to-Johnson is useless if no one else needs to be covered. The best pass rushing d-line is negated if even the lousiest dump off turns into a big play because your DB's cannot cover or tackle.

Right now, it looks like Mayhew has outsmarted himself with his personnel management via the draft. Stafford and Suh were no brainers, but Delmas (frail), Best (injury), Pettigrew (reliability) and Fairly (inneffective and a luxury pick) look like suspect top picks, same with Titus Young (attitude and a luxury pick). Third Rounder Levy is a good player, but Speivey is not (horrible pick). Bentley looks like he will be good.  Leshouse looks ok, but like all the RB's of the past few years he is realizing that our veteran laden o-line cannot run block. Based on what we have seen from Backus and Young, Broyles and Rieff should be playing after the bye week - or else they were also muffed (and luxury) picks. Sammy Hill is a great draft pick up. Maybe the only real find.

I am not ready to throw in the towel on the season, but it certainly does not look like this team is well enough equipped to finish higher than 6-10.

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