Monday, October 1, 2012

The basics of football are completely lacking on this team.

Missed tackles. Dropped balls. Missed blocks. The basics of football are completely lacking on this team. No game plan can survive such physical ineptitude.

Kassim Osgoode should be cut outright. Why carry a special teamer that can't play special teams? Jonte Green should be sent to the practice squad. He is physically overmatched. Not sure why he is still out there on Special Teams, but he won't be there next week ... I hope.
The other guy that should be drawing some heat is GM Martin Mayhew. It's pretty clear that without Louis Delmas and without Jahvid Best, we are hurting at critical spots on both sides of the ball.

Yet, during the off-season there was no visible attempt to get a back-up for Best or a back-up for Delmas. "Insurance" so to speak. Instead they opted for a LT and WR with their first two picks and nothing of significance in free agency (FYI when I say "nothing of significance" I am referring to Jacob Lacey).

Having said that, I think that it may be time to put Riley Rieff in at LT. Backus was absolutely man-handled today. Not just by Allen, but also by just about every other Viking possible. This comes a week after Raiola botches a critical snap in OT. Two veterans, back-to-back horrible outings.  It's time to make a change and wake up the team.

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