Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What to work on during the bye?

Setting aside the horrific play of the special teams, the Lions could be 4-0 if they had done a better job of holding onto footballs and holding onto opponents at key moments. That is what they have to fix.
Basic football.
The defense needs to tackle the pedestrian Michael Crabtree on checkdowns. DB's can't let the average Titan receiver pluck balls off their helmets and run 60 yards for a TD;  the receivers have to catch the TD’s and the first downs against the 49ers, Titans and Vikings;  Raiola has to NOT snap the football on those fakes. Don't fumble. Turn and look for the ball and avoid PI's. Know your blocking assignments. Basic stuff.
Block, catch balls and tackle people when it counts. That is the difference between winners and losers. The Lions just have to make plays or find more players that can.

This is my wife's Silverback Yorkie, Thelma. She's a
better tackler than either Jacob Lacey or Erik Coleman.

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