Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why no Rieff or Broyles?

Mlive had this quote from Jim Schwartz today (October 10):

"A lot of times you get graded on a rookie class right after the draft, and then you get graded at the end of the year," Schwartz said. "I think it's probably a little too much to be grading those guys after four games. I think we have some very good players in that class, and I think they're going to help us. All those guys are going to help us. Time will bear that out."

Sadly ... the comments from Schwartz are starting to sound like Millen era drivel. Guys like Boss Bailey, Jordan Dizon and Ikaika Alama-Francis never did play on teams with horrific defenses.

This is what we do know about the 2012 rookies ...

Broyles was a standout at OU going over the middle and beating man coverage. However, in the NFL he cannot get on the field even though we have trouble getting open in the middle of the field and getting seperation on tight coverage.

Rieff was a tough blocker, mobile too and able to handle speed or physical DE's despite short arms (joking) ... the guy ahead of him has looked awful the past two games, giving up ridiculous sacks at atrocious times.

Bill Bentley is the guy that really needs more seasoning. Green, Whitehead, Lewis and Lewis haven't shown much so far. Green needs a 'mercy' removal from special teams before he is seriously hurt.

Yes it is early, but this team was beaten by the atrocious Titans and the very beatable Vikings. The team folded on back to back weeks because of poor veteran play - Schwartz needs to ACT! Guys like Backus and Raiola are to comfy in their roles. Pettigrew is a bust this year. Does anyone think a winning org like NE or PIT would put up with those ridiculous lapses in concentration if they had a couple of top picks sitting around waiting for a chance?

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