Friday, January 4, 2013

Mayhew's Season Ending Presser: Unreal.

Mayhew is a terrible GM and it was kind of mind blowing to hear him admit (Wednesday, January 2) that he really screwed up last off season. Will that change anything? Doubt it, here is why …

His season ending presser was so incredibly ridiculous that it is hard to believe the media did not laugh him out of the room. To recap what he said … 

  1. The team lacks playmakers on defense … a defense composed of players he drafted or signed as free agents.
  2. He screwed up the Javid Best situation and had no plan B.
  3. He confirms that taking the best player available is his drafting strategy but he does like taking wide receivers and reaches for them.
  4. He concludes that his WR picks haven’t panned out but he is sticking to his strategy.
  5. So his defense underachieved, his WR corps is in shambles and his team depth is laughable … but he expected more from his QB that just passed for 10,000 yards and 61 TD in the last two season.
  6. The owner has retained him for another season. 
The Lions are in serious trouble.

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