Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day one of the new season is in the books

Ah! So here we are again, ready to restart the quest for the Super Bowl. So far the Lions haven't done anything special, but then again things are just getting rolling.

Cutting KVB and Peterman were pretty big moves. Losing Cherilus, Avril and Delmas will also be huge. Durant is likely out. Unlike most people I wasn't a big fan of Durant. Not a guy that caused many turnovers despite so many tackles (103). Levy is similar to him but at least has 5 career INT's to Durant's 2. Neither is good on the blitz, maybe that's why the Lions never blitz. Anyway they traded up for Tahir Whitehead and its time they gave him a decent shot to be a starter.

So far the most common names heard in FA are Glover Quin, Reggie Bush and Jason Jones a DE/DT. I like the bigger DE idea. Wish they would also take a look at Matt Shaughnessy former of Oakland. DE wise or OLB wise if they need a veteran, i like Connor Barwin, a Detroit native, from the Texans. Yeah he has been a 3-4 guy the past 4 years, but he's got the size to play DE if needed (6'4 265) and it would not hurt to have someone that can blitz in the LB corps!
Anyway day two of free agency should be interesting with the three big names coming to town. If we have to get just one I hope its Quin. I like Bush, but the draft has a lot of good pass catching RB's in it and the safety position is a real disaster.

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