Friday, January 4, 2013

Mayhew: Holes? What holes!

Ok just to recap what the Lions are looking at in terms of turning the team around and heading back to the playoffs ...

They have holes at Wide Receiver (two free agents, a crazy man and a guy with his second ACL), Running Back (two pluggers, no speed), Right Tackle (FA), Punter (FA), Place Kicker (FA might retire), Returner (FA), Long Snapper (FA), Left (FA) and Right (likely cap casualty) Defensive End, both Corners, both Safeties, both Outside Linebackers. Back up Center and back up Offensive Tackle are also free agents.

Detroit's Left Tackle could retire. Their Center has a 6.1 million cap hit. The Right Guard needs to be upgraded and has a 3.3 million cap hit. Both back up Defensive Tackles and Defensive Ends are free agents.

Oh yeah, according to the GM, his QB, he of the 10,000 yards and 61 TD's in two seasons is an underachiever ...

The GM also recently confessed that his BPA strategy won't change even though he admits he has drafted few difference makers and his WR picks have all been busts.

To fix all this we have ...

Six draft picks.
No salary cap space.
No one worth franchising according to the GM.
A failed drafting strategy.

Ready. Set. Go.

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