Monday, December 17, 2012

O-line choke key to this game

O-line. D-line. These needs their own sections ...

I did not realize we were using defensive ends in this game until I saw Willie Young touch down Ryan Lindley after a botched snap in the third quarter I think it was. But enough of that. The DE are horrible on this squad. That's not news anymore.

My main beef today is with the Raiola/Backus led monstrosity called the Detroit Lions's offensive line. The media needs to do a bit more coverage on the atrocious play of the offensive line. Yesterday was classic horror gong show.

Not sure what everyone was looking at but Stafford was mauled yesterday. A freaking joke for a pro team. And against a team giving up 150 yards per game rushing, with Rieff and Heller on every other play ... we still could not run the ball.

People, this team will never, ever be a factor, let alone a winner with two perennial losers like Raiola and Backus 'leading' the charge. This was a huge, huge game for the mental health of this team and its most veteran, healthy unit CHOKED. Spare me the continuity excuse for keeping them. We haven't been able to run the ball in 12 years. The passing game has only ever functioned when A) we had Mike Martz and B) we have Calvin Johnson. In all that time the o-line has stunk in big games and big moments, regardless of the opponent.

Any, any, even the most minute clean-up of this mess starts nowhere else but the o-line. Need cap space for a corner? Start with Backus and Raiola.

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