Monday, December 24, 2012

Calvin Johnson, Gruden and Meaningless Yards

Congrats to Calvin Johnson for surpassing Jerry Rice's most yards in a season record. An amazing feat when you consider Rice played on a dominant team, with an all-star cast while CJ is on a terrible team, riddled by injuries.

Funny to hear ESPN's John Gruden try to downplay the record breaking performance by calling some of those yards meaningless. Johnson' team has been in many close games and has been trying to either win or catch up to their opponent. Rice was the guy who piled on the yards as his team ran away with victory after victory.

Whatever I guess. That kind of talk will only ever go away if the Lions start winning again, even if only occasionally, like they did prior to the Millen era.

And yes, we still are in the Millen era. His right hand man still runs the show in the same inept fashion as he did. His first two picks still man that overrated o-line. And the only draft pick he ever really hit on remains Detroit's best player by far.

On that note, it is Christmas and we should remember to thank God for small favors!

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